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Four Frozen Food Hacks

Ah, the freezer section. It’s every busy food lover’s dream. Frozen food is the epitome of convenience, taste and nutrition. Better yet, the contents of your freezer can be your secret weapon to fight food waste. Not only is frozen food long-lasting, it can also help transform yesterday’s leftovers into something spectacular. Check out these four frozen food hacks that make meal prep a cinch:

  1. Amp up leftover pasta with frozen spiralized veggies. If you haven’t tried “zoodles” (ICYMI: that’s zucchini noodles), what are you waiting for? These trendy veggies are cut to have the look and feel of pasta. Many frozen food brands have thought outside the zucchini, expanding into spiralized beets, butternut squash, carrots and more. Transform your leftover pasta with ready-to-cook veggie noodles for a soul-satisfying plant-forward main dish.
  2. Deck out a frozen pizza with all your leftovers. Bacon bits? Salad greens? A fried egg, even? Yup, they all belong on your frozen pizza. Pile it high for a truly one-of-a-kind dinner. Pizza makes everything delicious—even those odds and ends hanging around your fridge.
  3. Game day and fridge cleanout are a match made in totcho heaven. No NFL preseason game day party is complete without snacks. Swap tortilla chips with hot-out-of-the-oven, cheese-drenched tater tots for a hearty take on nachos. A big plate of totchos is the perfect home for any random nibbles in your fridge, like green onions, half-empty jars of salsa or the last few tablespoons from a tub of sour cream.
  4. Stock up on frozen fruit for easy, breakfast on-the-go. If you’re a fan of this site, you know that smoothies are the perfect home for wilted greens, bruised fruit or soon-to-expire yogurt. Now, take your breakfast smoothie to the next level by adding frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is picked at peak ripeness and flash frozen to lock in nutrients and flavor. Better yet, it’s often less expensive than the fresh stuff, and its long shelf life means you can use what you need now and save the rest for later.
  5. These handy frozen food tricks make leftovers delectable, so your kitchen will be waste-free in no time. Not to mention, buying frozen takes the hassle out of meal prep with pre-washed, pre-chopped ingredients with no peels, stems or pits to toss.

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