Cooking Tips

Three Surprising Kitchen Tools That Help Use Every Bite

When it comes to combating food waste, you already have a kitchen full of tools that will help you save money while creating tasty, wholesome meals. Which of these three food-waste busting tools is hiding in your cupboards?  

  1. Ice cube tray. When a recipe calls for glug of chicken stock or a tablespoon of tomato paste, don’t let the rest of the can hang out in your fridge till it goes bad. Freeze your leftover stocks, sauces or purees in an ice cube tray. Then, transfer the frozen cubes into a re-sealable bag to store in the freezer. The next time your cooking needs an extra hit of flavor, these cubes will be ready.
  2. Mason jar. Mason jars are great for canning and storing, but they’re also your secret weapon when it comes to keeping herbs fresh. Arrange your herbs in a mason jar with water, like you might arrange cut flowers, and store it in the fridge. They’ll last longer, and they’ll be front and center in your fridge, which will make you more likely to add them to your meals.
  3. Blender. Produce that’s about to go bad can become a delicious meal with the help of your blender. Blend overripe fruits with milk and ice for a delicious start to your day. Stew past-their-prime tomatoes with onion, garlic and herbs, and blend for a quick pasta sauce. Simmer veggies in stock with herbs and spices and blend to make a comforting pureed soup. The possibilities are endless!

With these three kitchen tools, your groceries will be good down to the last bite. For more tips on how to use up all your food, check out this story full of waste-busing cooking tips.