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What Does That Date on My Food Mean?

Product dates, such as “use by,” “best by” or “sell by,” listed on food packages can be confusing. When the date on the package comes and goes, does that mean the food is no longer safe to eat and needs to be thrown out? Let’s find out what you should…

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Farmers Reduce Food Waste by Working Together

If you haven’t talked to a farmer lately, you might not realize that farming is far from an individual activity. Farmers rely on each other to learn best practices for growing more with less, so they can reduce food waste and protect the environment. “The thing about the ag community…

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Three Surprising Kitchen Tools That Help Use Every Bite

When it comes to combating food waste, you already have a kitchen full of tools that will help you save money while creating tasty, wholesome meals. Which of these three food-waste busting tools is hiding in your cupboards?   Ice cube tray. When a recipe calls for glug of chicken…

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When It Comes to Fighting Food Waste, Knowledge Is Power

Farmers are stepping up in big ways to raise awareness about food waste in their communities and online. They care deeply about the issue because of the resources, time and energy that goes into growing the food we put on our plates. Let’s look at a few ways they’re reaching…

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