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Get helpful tips on how you can reduce food waste and stretch your dollar. Plus, read our latest news and discover how farmers are making sustainable choices on their family farms.

The COVID Reality: Food Waste is More Than a Headline

Over the years, we have heard more and more stories and facts about food waste but have they motivated us to change our ways? Suddenly, in March 2020, when pictures of farmers plowing fields of fresh vegetables or dumping tank loads of milk started to appear across the media channels,…

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No Taste for Waste Videos Available for Sharing on Social Media

Since 2017, the No Taste for Waste program has shown that everyone can do something to reduce food waste, whether they’re in the kitchen or the field. This program, in partnership with CropLife Foundation, gives consumers an exclusive look at how today’s farmers are leveraging technology, sustainable farming practices and…

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Cows in the pasture at Barbland Dairy.

New York Dairy Farm Gives Second Chance to Grocery Store Food Waste

Among the lush hills of central New York, the cows on Barbland Dairy enjoy nutritious, high-quality feed. The secret ingredient? Food waste.

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The Pace family at Pace Family Farms during strawberry season.

No Berry Left Behind: How One Family Farm Prevents Wasted Produce

Just 30 minutes outside of Raleigh in Clayton, North Carolina, families can experience life on the farm by picking their own strawberries and stocking up on fresh, nutritious produce at Pace Family Farms.

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Plastic freezer bags filled with food for storage.

Max Out Your Freezer!

Treat the freezer as an efficient, hardworking storage space and stock it thoughtfully with ingredients and meals. Get Organized Like a clean desk, a tidy freezer allows you to scan and locate items quickly. These tips save search time and potential waste. Bag it. Use resealable quart- and gallon-sized freezer bags…

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Bunches of fresh herbs on a table.

What To Do With Herbs

Picked from the garden or purchased at the market, fresh herbs equal big flavor potential. Feature them in pesto or vinaigrette, freeze them for later or try your hand at drying. Herb school Add hearty herbs – thyme, rosemary, oregano – early in the cooking process to infuse flavor into…

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Pouring white vinegar into an ingredient bowl.

Superstar Vinegar

Want to discover a superhero hiding right in your pantry? Look no further than the humble bottle of vinegar. Here are a few of its household powers. What single product can wash floors and surfaces, loosen tough stains, shine windows, clean the fridge and disinfect doorknobs? Distilled white vinegar works…

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Tupperware used for storing food.

Storage Solutions

You took the time to select and pay for your groceries. Now protect your edible investments by storing food safely and conveniently. Take Inventory Keep a marker handy to write purchase dates on food packages before storing. Add new purchases to an inventory list of what you have in the…

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Shop-Smart Waste-Less Challenge

Not sure how you waste food? Take our five-step challenge and start saving today. Notice what your family actually eats. If you’re tossing grapes or other quick-to-expire items such as fresh bread, meat or veggies regularly, buy less at a time. Or ask for input from your family and opt…

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Various beans organized in glass jars.

Rethink Your Beans

At cents per serving, beans are easy on the budget and serve up flavor, protein and variety. Here’s how to store, cook and use beans. Stock the Pantry Canned beans: When on sale, buy big since canned beans store well and are extremely convenient to use. Check the can for…

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