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Get helpful tips on how you can reduce food waste and stretch your dollar. Plus, read our latest news and discover how farmers are making sustainable choices on their family farms.

Four Frozen Food Hacks

Ah, the freezer section. It’s every busy food lover’s dream. Frozen food is the epitome of convenience, taste and nutrition. Better yet, the contents of your freezer can be your secret weapon to fight food waste. Not only is frozen food long-lasting, it can also help transform...

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So You Want to Start Composting

Composting is a great way to make the most out of veggie peels, coffee grounds and yard waste. The microbes in decaying food scraps, grass clippings and leaves create awesome plant nutrients that will help your garden flourish this summer. If you’re ready to join the compost p...

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These Food Waste Facts Will Change the Way You Think About Food

If you haven’t already been convinced that food waste is a growing problem, these facts might just change your mind. Food waste has huge environmental, social and economic impacts. Keep reading to learn how wasting less food can save you money while you help save the world. <...

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Preserve Your Farmers Market Haul at Peak Freshness

We’ve all been there. You went to the farmers market and were so excited by the beautiful, healthy produce that you bought way more than your family can consume right away. If you’ve captured too much of the season’s bounty, follow these tips for preserving your fruits and veg...

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Young Farmers Are Building a Sustainable Food Future

In the past 15 years, the number of farmers under 35 has increased for only the Read More »

Five Ways to Save Money and Reduce Food Waste

Some things just belong together: peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, milk and cookies. But there’s one more perfect match we can really get behind: saving money on groceries and reducing food waste. Find out how you can tackle both at once with these useful five tips....

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How to Use the Whole Watermelon

No summer spread would be complete without at least one watermelon dish to beat the heat. Just ask Florida watermelon and potato farmer Brent Shackelford. Brent farms 500 acres of watermelons with his brothers, and he’s come up with some creativ...

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Waste-Busting Cooking Tips to Save You Money

Let’s face it: We’ve all experienced a crisper drawer filled with wilted greens, shriveled carrots or forgotten fresh herbs at one point. These past-their-prime fruits and vegetables can transform into something hearty and delicious with a littl...

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What Does That Date on My Food Mean?

Product dates, such as “use by,” “best by” or “sell by,” listed on food packages can be confusing. When the date on the package comes and goes, does that mean the food is no longer safe to eat and needs to be thrown out? Let’s find out what you ...

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Farmers Reduce Food Waste by Working Together

If you haven’t talked to a farmer lately, you might not realize that farming is far from an individual activity. Farmers rely on each other to learn best practices for growing more with less, so they can reduce food waste and protect the environ...

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