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    Gleaning means to gather bit by bit. This small act of collecting produce that isn’t harvested provides big benefits.

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    Ugly or bruised apples still taste great in a smoothie! Whip this up in celebration of National Apple Month.

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  • No Taste for Waste Reducing food waste

Stop Wasting, Start Saving

Food waste is a growing problem in the U.S. The average American family throws away 25 percent of the food and beverages they purchase at a staggering cost of $1,600 per household annually*. No Taste For Waste is an initiative meant to inspire us to change how we purchase and eat food, manage our spending and take care of the world around us. Even the smallest improvements to our daily lives can have a big impact when we all work together.


The first step to curbing waste is reducing food loss on the farm. You might be surprised to know that today’s farmers continually improve their practices to be more efficient, sustainable and find uses for less-than-perfect crops. They are determined to grow quality food for families, using less land and resources than previous generations. Let’s explore how farmers are making a difference and how we can all work together to stop waste and start saving.

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“To be frank, we bust our butts to grow food, and the last thing we want to see is it go to waste. That’s why we put extra effort into making sure it gets on the tables of those who need it. We’re lucky to be able to work with so many great volunteers and nonprofits that help get healthy food to hungry people in our community.”

Brandon Whitt, Tennessee Farmer

The COVID Reality: Food Waste is More Than a Headline

Over the years, we have heard more and more stories and facts about food waste but have they motivated us to change our ways? Suddenly, in March 2020, when pictures of farmers plowing fields of fresh vegetables or dumping tank loads of milk started to appear across the media channels,…

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No Taste for Waste Videos Available for Sharing on Social Media

Since 2017, the No Taste for Waste program has shown that everyone can do something to reduce food waste, whether they’re in the kitchen or the field. This program, in partnership with CropLife Foundation, gives consumers an exclusive look at how today’s farmers are leveraging technology, sustainable farming practices and…

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